[Mageia-dev] ANNOUNCE: RPM group Policy change taking effect

Pierre-Malo Deniélou pierre-malo.denielou at rhul.ac.uk
Wed Sep 26 23:00:04 CEST 2012

Dear fellow packagers,

In a few minutes, I will upload a new rpmlint-mageia-policy package that
implements the new RPM group policy. Normally, packages that do not
follow the new RPM groups will be rejected from the build system.
I advise you to run rpmlint on your RPMs, SRPMs or spec files before

The new RPM policy can be consulted at:

In a nutshell, the changes are:
- Remove Books/* -> everything in Documentation
- Add several Development/* to reduce Development/Other
- Add Games/Shooter to reduce Games/Arcade and Games/Other
- Split Office into Office/Dictionary, Office/Finance, ...
- Split Sound into Sound/Editors and Convertors, Sound/Midi, ...
- Split Video into Video/Editors and Convertors, Video/Players, ...
- Split Graphics into Graphics/3D, Graphics/Editors, ...
- Split Communications into Communications/Bluetooth,
Communications/Fax, ...

I will start collecting the list of packages that need to change group
soon. I will write this list about what changes are urgent (current
bugs) and what changes are necessary with respect to the new policy.

So, all of us should feel free to start adapting our packages to the new
policy :-).


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