[Mageia-dev] need some more help to build rpms from linuxsampler project

PhilippeDidier philippedidier at laposte.net
Sun Sep 30 15:27:48 CEST 2012

Barry Jackson a écrit :
> On 23/09/12 21:16, zezinho wrote:
>> "svn export" gives a better tarball...
> Yes - thanks for the correction - maybe even better to use:
> svn co https://svn.linuxsampler.org/svn/linuxsampler/trunk linuxsampler
> tar -czf linuxsampler.tar.gz linuxsampler/ --exclude-vcs
> .. which strips the svn stuff during tarball creation.
> This way the tree may be updated if required.
@ Barry and Zezinho
Thanks to your help ...

Indeed I already used  svn in the past...

Now that I created patches for the official source archive, (adding some
stuff in some makefile.in  files) I tried to work on the last svn sources.

Indeed some upstream bugs are corrected ... everything can be built and
works fluently...

Nevertheless, I encounter a problem for building packages with the svn
source archives :

I have to add patches that only can be added on Makefile.in... and the
archive only contains makefile.cvs or makefile.svn
I have to create the makefile.in before to apply the patch

the command is : make -f makefile.cvs (or svn )

I can't add this line in the %setup part of the spec file

I can't add a patch command to modify the created Makefile.in in the
%build part of the spec file

So I have to first apply the command on a uncompressed source directory
then to compress again this directory in a new archived source file
Then I can use my spec and patches.

Is there a way to write a spec file so that we can apply patches after
the makefile.in are created ?
If not...
- Must I provide an attached srpm in bugzilla (maybe too huge)

- Or is it enough to attach a spec file (telling which svn revision I
use) letting anyone interested prepares himself the adequate archive
(that's to say :
uncompress the tar.gz,
 open a console,
enter the uncompressed directory,
enter make -f makefile.cvs
compress the modified directory into tar.bz2 to prevent from confusion )
and then use the spec (looking for a tar.bz2 source)

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