[Mageia-discuss] Package management system

Richard richard.j.walker at ntlworld.com
Wed Sep 29 21:40:19 CEST 2010

On Wednesday 29 September 2010 19:39:51 Ahmad Samir wrote:
> Which apps? if you rpm -e --nodeps a lib package, it's logical that an
> binary that has a dep on that package will not work as it'll won't
> find it at startup, even if it's not going to really use it (mplayer
> example applies here too).

Well, Ahmad, I don't go looking for problem apps, but I surely know when I 
have found one. Foobillard is a wonderful snooker/billiards/pool game. Just 
like the real thing it is also a great way to waste a few hours in the 
evening. With the 2010.1 package it is now possible to do this in complete 
silence. Sorry, not "possible" because it is now inevitable on a PC which is 
not using Pulse.

It took me a couple of months of exploring and testing before I stumbled on 
thge cause of the problem. The 2010.1 package (not the 2010.0 one; it 
performs in glorious stereocolour) has been "enhanced" by the packager in a 
way which introduces a Pulse dependency. When I found the offending script I 
realised it could be fixed by deleting all but the last line. Now foobillard 
shouts out loud and clear in pure Alsa. Whoopee. Tokk a long time to sort out 
though, and I didn't get the clue until I had deleted  all traces of Pulse.

I'm not smart enough to do it any other way. As long as I know I have no trace 
of pulse on the machine I can better focus on getting stuff to work. Unlike 
you, I cannot KNOW that disabling Pulse is enough. I can only BELIEVE it, and 
I don't have enough faith for that yet.


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