[Mageia-discuss] Mailing List to Web Forum Bidirectional Gateway

Marc Paré marc at marcpare.com
Mon Oct 4 13:21:29 CEST 2010

Le 2010-10-04 06:42, Tux99 a écrit :
> Quote: Michael Scherer wrote on Mon, 04 October 2010 12:28
>> Developers ( and people who contribute in general ) are free to act as
>> they want, there is no place for "MUST" in a community of volunteers,
>> be
>> it for free software or for association.
> Of course there is no "MUST", nobody is forced to do anything.
> That said, a community only exists if there is interaction between ALL
> members of the comunity, so interaction MUST BE FACILITATED.
> The more obstacles there are for communication, the less a community will
> develop and improve.

I view the bidirectional gateway more like a salad bowl. You come to the 
table and pick through the salad and eat what you wish. You are not 
forced to eat everything.

So, if the communication schemes all come together and if there are 
enough devs and members on-board to create and manage the distro, some 
devs will follow some user threads/discussions and others will follow 
their own interesting user threads/discussions in their spare time. The 
same could then be said of the user base.

The devs would then, presumably, talk at some point to the other devs of 
what they had read of interest in some user discussion and pass this 
information on to the other devs. The same could then be said of the 
user base, They would do the same.

No one is forced to follow a thread/conversation, but realistically 
speaking one group could not function without the other. At some point 
you have to come up for air and take a look around at who else is 
participating in the distro. We can't all work in our little 
compartmentalized world.

The gateway would be great as it would offer all of us insight into 
everyone's world. Much like a newspaper where we read articles of 
interest. Sometimes it is just nice to read the other sections of the 

There will be as usual the disturbers who will every now and then join a 
discussion to cause problems or irritate the others. But, hey, this is a 
common problem in any setup.


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