[Mageia-discuss] Wish List

andré andr55 at laposte.net
Mon Oct 4 15:45:24 CEST 2010

André Machado a écrit :
>> Mageia 23, Mageia 37. Sounds good? At least for me it doesn't :)
> Fedora 14 beta is out. Slackware 13.1, too. But when we get there,  we
> can improvise. We can do like Corel DRAW! X4 , that has a impact  name
> and is the 14th version (X4 = X + 4 and X is 10 in Roman numerals). Or
> we can use both, eg: M$ Office 2010 is, internally, Office 14.
> For more than a version to year, we can use months, sequential numbers
> or a strange numbering system like Mageia 1.0.20110101 where last part
Numbering with the date appended is more suitable for individual 
applications, like Mozilla (Firefox or Thunderbird or Seamonkey), or 
Openoffice (or Go-oo or Libreoffice) among others.

Since a distro like Mageia is a collection of applications from various 
sources, it is useful to indicate at least the year in the version 
number, to indicate generally the vintage of the applications contained.
I favour something like 2010.1 for this fall, or 2011.0 for the spring.
(avoiding the car model type numbering of Mandriva, which would be 
"2011.0" and "2011.1".)
It could just as easily be 10.1 or 11.0, for a shorter number that is 
somewhat more distinct from Mandriva numbering.  But with the full year 
included, it is obvious that it is indeed the year.

A name like "Breezy something" (I forget what), indicates nothing about 
its age to those not very familiar with the distro, is it older or newer 
than "somethingelse" from the same distro ?
The lack of numbering could create unnecessary problems attracting 
serious users to Mageia.

- André (andre999)

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