[Mageia-discuss] Wish List

Rick Stockton rickstockton at reno-computerhelp.com
Wed Oct 13 01:30:03 CEST 2010

I wish that the 'Release Naming Scheme' could be isolated to a separate
Thread, because wish-list suggestions for software are becoming buried.
But I have thoughts on this topic, here they are:

I think that the primary "attractions" of a Year-based naming scheme
(2011.0, 2011.1, etc.) are (A) the fact that Mandriva has been using it
for many years; (B) the marketing advantage of a name which
[i]automatically[/i] indicates the software to be new and sexy, "this
year's model"; and (C) the fact that still provides a relatively simple
way to sort RPMs by Release. But I strongly, [b]strongly[/b] dislike the
notion of skipping digits to indicate a "Month" or "Quarter" of the
Release. Too tricky, too obscure, and leaves everyone wondering "did I
miss something"?

In contrast, The Fedora Method is really, really good: Ultra-easy sorting
and string-based selection; no embarrassing indication that you're "late"
in finalizing your Release. And so, unless matching Mandriva RPM names is
really important, I suggest to follow the examples of Fedora and
Microsoft: Use whole numbers, they're ultra-simple.

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