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Gustavo Giampaoli giampaoli.gustavo at gmail.com
Sat Oct 16 06:16:50 CEST 2010

2010/10/15 Gamaliel Lamboy Rodríguez <gamalamboy at gmail.com>:
> Therefore, the branding for
> them cannot possibly insert Linux or other technical details; it is more of a
> simplified picture of what Free Software is and how we insert ourselves into
> that. This is seen in our Core Values, where the main focus is showing people
> that we are a Community, not a corporation, and that we care about our users.
> On the other side we have the intermediate-to-advanced Linux users, which CAN
> and/or DO choose a Linux OS and FOSS Technologies. To these users we can
> introduce a branding that includes our special characteristics in the Linux
> world and the advantages of using our development branch, etc. But Graham's
> point still stands, that we need to define these target markets more fully so
> we can better assess the Mageia reputation in each of them.

My opinion is from my POV: I'm a home user, FLOSS enthusiast, curious,
I love computers, love to read, love to learn, love to help in forums,
but in the end, I'm just a regular-guy-not-developer. I work in
nothing related with computers, just an administrative employee. I'm a
dad, I'm a husband.

Said this, I start.

What I see when I navigate Internet is this:






These are examples of the way other big companies "sell" their
products. They keep it simple. They describe it with simplicity,
non-technical language. Obviously, they are targeting people that know
very little about computers, OS, software.

Images are almost always showing mom+dad+kids (or teens) all together,
around the notebook, laughing, enjoying. Or teenagers with their
backpacks, and skates, cool clothes, doing things like chat, listening
music, watching a video, facebook, etc.

My point is that these big companies, exhibit their products with a
"common people" language, showing images of common people, doing
ordinary things.

Why? because common people is the people who need to be convinced.
Common people have doubts, maybe they are a little scare about if the
hit a key and a program is erased.

People like all of you and me, know what we want and what we need
(talking about the OS and software and hardware).

I know that I can mount a small server with an ordinary Win XP, if I
put in it the right software. The same XP that Microsoft "sell" to
ordinary people with nice images of the family watching Toy Story in
the notebook.

I (and all of you) don't need that a company mounting images of a geek
mounting a server with Gentoo. Because we are not ordinary users. We
need something, we go to Google, we go to forums, we read a lot, we
pick the software we need, we set it up, and we mount whatever satisfy
our need. We're self sufficient. We are "special".

We won't use Mageia because the marketing team convince us. We are
here to build it from the very base.

Ordinary people must be convinced by us (or by our marketing team)
that Mageia is easy. That Mageia will not bite them. That they will
watch their movies, talk with their IM friends, listen music, create
their documents, without open a console and type "dark" commands that
they can't understand.

We must make "common people" feel comfortable in Mageia. They must
feel joy using their computers with Mageia. To use Mageia must be easy
and pleasurable work/play/hand around with Mageia.

Of course, the console will be there for "power users". Packages to
mount a servers will also be there too. But you don't need to create a
big marketing campaign for power users, because they know what is
available, and how to install it and configure. And if they don't,
they will read and learn. Because that's our nature. As regular
people's nature is "I don't care how it works, I just want it working
right and quick".

So, I'm sorry but I agree with the people who want to target this
"ordinary people". Because I don't think that making Mageia easier and
friendly hurt or damage advanced users. Linux will be always powerful,
with the right packages. And any advanced user can make "urpmi
my-advanced-packages" whenever he/she needs.

We need to attract more non-linux users. Because if all Linux distros
have 1% of the market, and we attract just users from other distros,
you only change the way that 1% is distributed.

My respect to marketing team.


Gustavo Giampaoli (aka tavillo1980)

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