[Mageia-discuss] Kernel handling

Thomas Backlund tmb at iki.fi
Tue Nov 9 12:11:14 CET 2010

Egon Ashrafinia skrev 9.11.2010 12:37:
> Thats may be correct, I dont know I never used the "free" one. The
> problem is that people with light DSL ( like I do ) cant get the "Free"
> version of Mandriva ( Mageia ) and the only option is to DL the One Iso.
> Thats also what I think of. Most people get the One Iso because it is:
> 1. A smart Iso, fits on a CD.
> 2. Has all componens Out of the Box ( driver and stuff like that )
> 3. Only ~700MB to download and not 2-3GB ;)
> Thus our main "consumer" are going to DL the One iso. So we have to
> focus on that. And when there is a Kernel which is going to slow down my
> System I am not going to use it anymore.

The average user wont even know the difference of running i586 vs i686.
The poweruser wont have any problem switching kernel to i686.

> I mean what are the main
> diffrents of them? Only a few configs right? Maybe we do it dynamic and
> he is autodetecting the System and config the Kernel that way. Is that
> possible or is then a new building of the Kernel needed? Maybe thats the
> sulution.

In order to ship both i586 and i686 kernel, it would need another ~50MB 
of the already small CD.

> I mean where are going to discuss here and it would realy be
> an improvment, when we allow People to use a modern and fast kernel and
> not a kernel which is going to slow the system ( well only a bit ) just
> because there are some people who are proud the use a Pentium II CPU
> just to be cool.

Actually there are even some Pentium D series (>1GHz CPU) that cant cope 
with all i686 instructions.

And it's not about "proud ... to be cool..."

It might be all they can afford.
And also schools that get old hw for free also needs i586.

> You can get a 64-bit CPU computer for less then 200€.
> Thats not the problem in my eyes.

In your eyes only...

200€ might for some people mean 1-3 months of food.

> Sure it is correct, that they should use 64-Bit Mandriva.


> But not
> everyone is doing it. We talk about general configurations and not about
> a short group of people. Maybe we should think that way.

So because people with new powerful hw cant be bothered to install 
64bit, we should cut out those that have the need for i586 ..

Trust me, That is not going to happend!

What we do need to think about is a x86_64 live cd


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