[Mageia-discuss] Financial report?

Maarten Vanraes maarten.vanraes at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 11:11:57 CET 2010

Op zondag 21 november 2010 09:51:27 schreef Morgan Leijström:
> I notice the donations have stagnated.
> Maybe because donors can not tell if you need more or not or for what use
> currently.
> There is a statement from 2 october at http://blog.mageia.org/ :
> "We will publish monthly financial reports so that you can follow how it’s
> being used"
> Where can we find thoose?
> (And it would be a good idea to link them from the donations page)

IIRC the association has to be approved first; no money is being used yet.

the only exception was what was loaned from the organisation that takes care 
of donations now, and that was stated in the blog.

that being said; it is a good idea to have a place to put that. but since they 
are preparing servers, i think it needs a little bit of waiting.

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