[Mageia-discuss] A name for mageia-app-db

Catalin Florin RUSSEN cfrussen at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Feb 12 00:32:39 CET 2011

> except  mageia-app-db 's purpose is not to be an app installer, iinm.
> the  AppInstall application is fine for that.
> This is sort of a reference for  packages (and applications).. therefor: 
> Kitchen sounds good to me, it has a  cauldron, and products

Kitchen is technically where you keep the cauldron, that will be more of the 
server's room :)

Apps are what's cooking in the cauldron, but if we think like a restaurant then 
we must look for the Menu -> Ze Menu

But a menu where users can leave comments and rate the plates, that's rather: Ze 
Interactive Menu :)

Now, to add a slightly magic: Ze Magic Menu

With branding: Ze Mageia Magic Menu

Shortened: ZeMMM

Wizardly speaking, what are bubbling in the cauldron are spells, magic spells: 
Mageia Magic Spells

... I think I got to stop smoking, this mix is damn too strong for me :)

Best regards,
Florin Catalin RUSSEN
Romanian Translation Team


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