[Mageia-discuss] A name for mageia-app-db

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Sat Feb 12 13:28:03 CET 2011

 On Sat, 12 Feb 2011 00:00:09 +0100, Rémi Verschelde wrote:
> 2011/2/11 George J. Walsh <gjwalsh at dscvcp.org>:
>> Or maybe, with tongue in cheek, PackRack?
>> I get a little weary of the app thing (too much of the Apple core in
>> there!) A package is a pack and a rack is where one stores one's 
>> packs.
>> George
> I'm not too fond of the App-Whatever either, sounds too Apple-ish to 
> me.
> I don't really like terms such as Store or Market which evocate 
> buying
> stuff, I think the main purpose of Mageia-app-db will be to install
> free/non-free but free of charge softwares.

 Well, to me, the name market and all of it connotations is quite 
 consumerist, and
 doesn't really fit with the spirit of a community distribution, based 
 on collaboration
 more than pure commercial exchange as the various proposed name 

 When samuel presented his idea, I was quite interested because it would 
 allows me as a packager
 to find who would be ok to test packages, to collaborate when i need 
 confirmation for a bug
 and so on.

 But it seems that the vast majority of proposal are geared toward 
 replicating the model
 of Apple Appstore, Google market and others :
 - app market, app box, software database, app center, Appworld, 
 software portal.

 Where is the collaboration in all of this ?
 Michael Scherer

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