[Mageia-discuss] Easyurpmi forMageia ?

Anssi Hannula anssi.hannula at iki.fi
Tue May 24 04:10:18 CEST 2011

On 22.05.2011 02:56, Michael scherer wrote:
> - the code could have been much better. Olivier wrote it and he was not a php coder, and
> neither is Phillipe, the current maintainer. I think that the translation system is
> primitive and prone to problem. No one seemed to be motivated to rewrite, despites
> people fixing various problem.

Hey, I thought I rewrote it :p
.. or maybe it was too recent (2008) to be counted.

(while I admit it is not as good as it could be, at least it is much
better than it used to be)

> - the core of the system was still "here is a website that a new user cannot find by 
> itself, that will give command that he doesn't understand, and that he need to type as root,
> after asking question that didn't made much sense for him". That's bad on many levels :
>  - difficult to find for a new user.
>  - asking to type command as root first, and later "click on a link in your browser and type after your
> admin password", which is IMHO quite bad from giving wrong habits to people.
>  - asking lots of questions, ( fixed later by using a simplified mode, that use rpmdrake or 
> that fail silently )

+1 for these.

> Since the discoverability issue should be fixed by simply having tainted disabled by default and maybe
> some popup whatever to enable it, I see no reason to suffer from the others problems (
> bad habits, power struggle ). People can install a clone of easyurpmi if they want, but I will 
> oppose on having it on our servers, on having anything like this labelled as official, and 
> would recommend to people to not deploy it.

Maybe have a page that explains on how to use e.g.
'''Open "configure media sources for install and update" -> File -> Add
a specific media mirror'''
as pointed by Ahmad (in addition to the default "add" which adds
mirrorlist medias). I for one didn't know this option even existed...

Anssi Hannula

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