[Mageia-discuss] User support mailing list?

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Mon Jun 6 08:36:52 CEST 2011

Marc Paré a écrit :
> Hi Remco
> Le 2011-06-05 05:39, Remco Rijnders a écrit :
>> On Sat, Jun 04, 2011 at 10:27:56PM +0200, Wolfgang Bornath wrote:
>>> But back to the initial topic:
>>> The issue here is the request to have another list which covers
>>> exactly what the forums are made for. Is this really necessary and -
>>> the main question - would this list have a chance to be living along a
>>> forum? Mind that a users support list would NOT be the same as this
>>> list here, you can't judge what would happen in a user support list by
>>> looking who is posting here in this list!
>> Who knows what will happen? Will Mageia succeed as a distribution? Who
>> knows. You won't know for certain till you've tried it. There is no
>> guarantee a mailing list set up for this purpose will fail, nor is there
>> that it won't.
>> Some of the feedback I received so far seems to give arguments in favour
>> of a mailing list and then draws the opposite conclusion that a mailing
>> list won't be needed.
>> Other feedback indicates this list *is* / *isn't* the appropiate place
>> for user questions, and despite the opposing view points both conclude
>> that there is no need for a mageia-user@ list.
>> What I can conclude from the discussion of the past few days is that
>> despite support from several people for the creation of such a list,
>> that there is as much or more opposition to it for a variety of reasons
>> (most which I personally disagree with). As such, it seems unlikely that
>> such a list will officially be set up in the near future.
>> I'll personally let the subject rest for now and will reevaluate the
>> compatibility between my views and ideas for Mageia with that of the
>> founders. Apologies should anyone feel I have wasted their time bringing
>> this up.
>> Sincerely,
>> Remco

Not wasting our time.  You had something to discuss.
And don't hesitate to bring your support problems here, or on the forum. :)

> As I have come into the discussion at a very late date, I would like to
> express my point of view as well FOR a "user support list". We should
> provide to all users a variety of ways by which they are able to
> communicate problems with the Mageia team. IMO it seems defeatist to
> remove one of the most logical tools known to the internet community
> where they could seek communication with a support team.
> As we all know by now, such a support list can easily be bridged to a a
> forums board where any of the Mageia support team members would be
> available to help trouble-shoot events causing frustration to our user
> base.
> It does not make any sense to cut off any avenues of communication for
> our user base when we are looking for growth of our product. If we do
> so, the we can not complain later of of user apathy if users cannot
> easily find a communication model by which they feel comfortable to
> voice their satisfaction, positive or negative.
> Let's make it easy for all to speak to us rather than have them conform
> to a system where they may feel uncomfortable. They will only go to
> another platform where they will be able to participate freely. Let's
> offer choice rather than limits.
> Cheers
> Marc

Salut Marc
Actually most of the arguments here were against a _separate_ user support list.
So far, the discussion list has been used regularly for user support, and apparently with a fairly 
good response.  It makes sense, as there is considerable overlap.  Often a support problem is 
closely related to discussion of what should happen.  And those interested in discussion are 
generally very willing to help if they can.

If you look at the Mandriva experience, the user support by email has reduced considerably over the 
years as their forum has become more active.  (I was a Mandriva user almost from the beginning.)
There, as with Mageia, support also occurs on both the discussion and development lists.

As far as the idea of replicating forum and mailing list input, that could well come.  But since 
Mageia is still fairly early in the building stage, we don't yet have the resources to do 
everything we might like to do, if we collectively decide to do that.

Anyway, of course everyone's input is welcome.
(And you don't need to apologize, obviously your input is well intended.)

Take care :)

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