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On Sat, Jun 11, 2011 at 2:41 PM, Gary Montalbine <gmontalbine at cox.net>wrote:

> If Mageia is to grow it needs to attract the normal user. The one's
> switching from MS. Many will not know what their video card is or may not
> even have the technical knowledge to figure out their hardware. They just
> want it to work. In ML I was asked if I wanted to load a propriety driver. I
> don't recall that happening here. I had to go find it. On bootup there was a
> lot of garbage about radeon and open spaces. I am using the radeon HD 4200
> card. I have been an ML user since 2002 and have been able to work around
> problems with forum/mail list support. I have installed it for first time
> users with no problem. They were happy.

In some ways MS is more annnoying than Linux can ever be. For example when i
install any version of Windows on my Desktop Computer (except win7) i have
no network drivers installed. Ok for this computer i have a disc where the
driver is on it. I own an old one without driver disc's and find out how the
network card is called even you have no working network, this task can be
annoying on windows. On linux it is not soo difficult (a little research on
the internet on another machine works, every program needed to figure out
the network card is included normally, on windows you have to install
special software only needed for one single task)

> Gary

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Daniel Kreuter
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