[Mageia-discuss] PROPOSAL: so, you are already contributor, do you want to be maintainer?

Luis Daniel Lucio Quiroz dlucio at okay.com.mx
Wed Aug 24 22:16:25 CEST 2011


According what we have just talk, i propose this to become a maintainer:

a) state that maintainer is not just a "LIKE TO BE", nor "NICE TO BE", it is a 
responsability that it is open to all.  So if you take it,  you shall be warn 
that you commit your soul for that package :)

b) anyone can commit changes (mgarepo ci), but only maintainers may submit 
(mgarepo submit) changes.  An email shall be delivered to maitainer(s) in 
order to warn any change.  

c) maintainer in normal state, shall submit or reject changes in next 2-3 
days.  If maintainer in "vacations" a warning email  shall be sent, and when a 
contributor commits, a warning in mgarepo shall be displayed so everyone knows 
that submit will delay

d) maitainership right shall be revoked if no life-signal is present from 
maintainer.  Maybe 3 issues of this kind in same package. 

e) a top of 70 packages to maintain is a good limit for people, there is no 
sense people that maintains 500 packages. we call this single poing of 

I guess that's all,



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