[Mageia-discuss] Looking to improve the installer

Kristoffer Grundström kristoffer.grundstrom1983 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 23:19:19 CEST 2011


I was thinking about improving the installer in every possible way to 
attract more users.

I therefor wish for a contest to create the most powerful installer 
there is on any distro & OS.

Lets at least discuss how we could improve it for the future users.

1. Compare the graphical installer-interface from Mageia with Ubuntu, 
Fedora, Windows etc. etc. Take out the best stuff that they offer & 
create something that combines theese.
2. Import the first-stage (when you first boot the installation & get to 
choose if you want to install it via FTP/HTTP or any other way) to meld 
with the graphical next step.
3. Perhaps add a presentation-video from anyone that knows how to do 
presentations from events like FOSSDEM.

Think about it.
I'd be glad IF you could start a discussion & come up with something 
creative. I know I have a bunch of ideas that isn't really meant to be 
talked about on the bugzilla as a bug.


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