[Mageia-discuss] Setting up NFS shares with MCC -- fixing etc/fstab

Rama Space Ship ramaspaceship at free.fr
Sat Oct 22 13:02:14 CEST 2011

Hello Marc,
>> If you add the <host name>/<IP address> mapping using the
>> MCC/Network/<Host definitions> and don't modify by hand the fstab file,
>> does it work or not?
> Yes, I tried:
> IP address:
> Host name: MarcComputer
> Host Aliases: MarcComputer
> The only problem with this is that when the router is re-set the IP 
> addresses may change unless you have setup static IP addresses.
Using the IP address in fstab has the same limitation.
> When the NFS used to work, you did not have to go through these steps. 
> The process would find the NFS servers and set up the shares and fstab 
> by itself. It no longer does that and the average user would not know 
> to set up host definitions etc.
My question was not to provide a workaround, but to help identify where 
the problem is.
It seems that you have a name resolution problem, not a NFS problem. If 
I take the fstab file you use when starting that thread:
- the setting of NFS shares uses "linux-5" as remote hostname (question 
to an expert: how does the tool find this name?)
- but "linux-5" is not found as a remote host (question to Marc: is 
"linux-5.local" found as a remote host, e.g. can you ping linux-5.local?)
If your remote host is named "linux-5", "linux-5.local" should work as 
it should be published by the ZeroConf mechanism (avahi).

So if this works, the best workaround could be to use "linux-5.local" in 
the fstab file as it does not depend on static IP addresses.

The fix would be that the setting of NFS shares uses ZeroConf hostnames.

> Somehow, the setting up of NFS shares and fstab was broken in older 
> versions of Mdv and never fixed.
It was probably broken when the ZeroConf mechanism was used, as the 
hostnames got ".local" appended.



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