[Mageia-discuss] Is LTS still considered?

Maarten Vanraes maarten at rmail.be
Tue Nov 1 08:00:48 CET 2011

Op dinsdag 01 november 2011 04:14:59 schreef Juan R. de Silva:
> If I'm not mistaken it was mentioned in some earlier post that
> introduction of LTS Mageia release could be considered in not so far away
> future.
> Is the idea still in consideration or dropped out?

afaik still in consideration. We agreed to speak of it when mageia 2 was out, 
since that mageia 1 would still be supported until at least 18months (afaik).

the problem is sustainability, we need to be able to support it but unsure if 
we have the manpower to pull it off; we'll have to see how it goes. It would be 
nice if we can see some growth in teams to sustain that.

If you want to help in some way or other, we would gladly accept it.

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