[Mageia-discuss] Backuppc feature: graphic representation of pool usage

Juergen Harms Juergen.Harms at unige.ch
Thu Dec 1 10:40:31 CET 2011

I have seen that there is a small (apparently tested and smoothly 
working) patch to backuppc that allows to have the web interface of 
backuppc show graphics on pool usage.

Is there interest in having this integrated into the package being 
prepared for Mageia 2? Debian has it, other users simply apply the patch 
to what they have installed.

Personally, I have no problems with pool size - do not need this 
feature. On the one side, there is not much sense in adding complexity 
by non-needed features, on the other side Mageia has an interest to 
offer packages that are considered "attractive".

Advice please! does "Mageia" (i.e. do we) want to add this patch?

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