[Mageia-discuss] Backuppc feature: graphic representation of pool usage

Xuo xuoy at free.fr
Thu Dec 1 20:31:28 CET 2011


To my point of view, it can be interesting to have this feature. People
who don't need it, won't use it, others will be glad to get it.
I heard that some people (not the ones from Mageia or Mandriva) had a
graphical view, but I didn't know where to get it and it was a little
bit frustrating. It is possible that I wouldn't be interested by this
feature but I couldn't even try it.



Le 01/12/2011 10:40, Juergen Harms a écrit :
> I have seen that there is a small (apparently tested and smoothly
> working) patch to backuppc that allows to have the web interface of
> backuppc show graphics on pool usage.
> Is there interest in having this integrated into the package being
> prepared for Mageia 2? Debian has it, other users simply apply the
> patch to what they have installed.
> Personally, I have no problems with pool size - do not need this
> feature. On the one side, there is not much sense in adding complexity
> by non-needed features, on the other side Mageia has an interest to
> offer packages that are considered "attractive".
> Advice please! does "Mageia" (i.e. do we) want to add this patch?

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