[Mageia-discuss] Why Mageia isn't a "Lion Friendly" distribution?

Luiz Alberto Saba las at transauto.com.br
Tue Dec 6 00:05:29 CET 2011

Em 05-12-2011 20:52, Claire Robinson escreveu:
> On 05/12/11 21:28, Luiz Alberto Saba wrote:
>> Em 05-12-2011 19:08, nicolas vigier escreveu:
>>> On Mon, 05 Dec 2011, Luiz Alberto Saba wrote:
>>>> Em 05-12-2011 16:15, Maarten Vanraes escreveu:
>>>>> Op maandag 05 december 2011 14:57:06 schreef Luiz Alberto Saba:
>>>>> [..]
>>>>>> Then I was wandering... Why not make mageia more "mac friendly"?
>>>>>> I think that it will be a good thing for mageia (nowadays almost
>>>>>> everyone has some apple device at home (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac...))
>>>>>> Comments?
>>>>>> Luiz Alberto Saba
>>>>> listen, i don't have any apple stuff either, but i think alot of
>>>>> these replies
>>>>> are still a bit disrespectful, ok, maybe the OP shouldn't assume
>>>>> this, but
>>>>> that particular comment isn't really the gist of what he's saying...
>>>> I don't think in terms of respectful or not.
>>>> What i fear is that this position is isolationist.
>>>> What good to us is to ignore the reality?
>>>> Just take a look at the sales numbers.
>>>> Apple users (any device) are much greater (in numbers) than the sum
>>>> of the
>>>> users of ALL linux distributions.
>>> Actually we could say that Linux users (any device) are much greater
>>> (in numbers) than the sum of the users of ALL apple devices. The most
>>> used phone operating system is by far Android, not iOS.
>> I forgot abot that... ;-)
>>> But we don't care about sales numbers, supposed number of users, etc 
>>> ...
>>> Mageia is a community distribution, so support for interoperability 
>>> with
>>> other OSs/devices only depends whether someone is willing to spend some
>>> time working on it. Statements about everybody having apple devices
>>> or sales number are useless and only encourage trolling ...
>> Not my intention. English is not my native language and I'm not so
>> fluent to express my point of view in an adequate manner. So, sometimes,
>> some shortcuts lead to unwanted results. Sorry.
> Personally I've never been able to afford Apple hardware, it is very 
> shiny and tempting though :D
> It always falls to Linux to be the interfacing OS, Microsoft makes no 
> effort to interface with Linux and neither does Apple. It always falls 
> to Linux to make the effort to interface with the proprietary, so it 
> makes good sense for us to do all we can to improve our support of 
> Apple devices.
> It would be good to be the 'go-to' distribution perhaps for Apple 
> owners. Lion Friendly has a nice ring to it!
> Claire
Just a report.

I've uninstalled the netatalk compiled by me and installed Schlomi 
newborn package. Just configured it and... It's working just fine!
Thanks a lot to Schlomi Fish!!!

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