[Mageia-discuss] booting with two sata disks

andre999 andre999mga at laposte.net
Fri Dec 30 08:40:21 CET 2011

bascule a écrit :
> just recently i've found that if i attach a second sata disk to my system i
> have to edit out the 'splash' option from the grub entry or else boot hangs at
> "could not start boot splash:no such file or directory", if i unattach the
> second drive (which is only a data drive and has no system files on it) then
> the splash doesn't prevent booting, i'm trying to understand what might be
> going on here, any ideas?
> bascule
Try exchanging the cables for the drives.  The bios might be identifying 
the new drive as the first drive, but only if it is present.
(It could be related to motherboard jumper settings, but exchanging the 
cables is an easier solution.)


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