[Mageia-discuss] Can't Dual Boot With Ubuntu

Doug Laidlaw laidlaws at hotkey.net.au
Thu Jun 28 15:20:24 CEST 2012

On Thu, 28 Jun 2012 22:33:16 +1000
blind Pete <0123peter at gmail.com> wrote:

> Different problem.  Grub 1 can not be expected to know about 
> Grub 2.  Grub 2 should know how to handle a Grub 1 system, but 
> doesn't.  

The docs for GRUB 2 say to chainload.  If you install Mandriva then
Ubuntu, the Ubuntu bootloader, will be in your MBR and useable. You can
then customise it to boot into Mageia by default.  Perhaps not the
desired outcome.

There is a full tutorial in a series I have found very good on other
topics, although I haven't looked at this one, at

It covers additional topics, like theming your Grub2 menu (perhaps make
it look as though it is Mageia?)



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