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Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Mon Feb 13 19:43:34 CET 2012

Le lundi 13 février 2012 à 18:04 +0100, Wolfgang Bornath a écrit :
> 2012/2/13 Michael Scherer <misc at zarb.org>:
> > Le lundi 13 février 2012 à 11:34 +0100, Wolfgang Bornath a écrit :
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> Fosdem closed its doors a week ago and I suppose the General Assembly
> >> took place as scheduled.
> >>
> >> Hopefully somebody took notes during the meeting and we can have a
> >> detailed report soon.
> >
> > I took notes ( and have a list of people who were present ), that's the
> > secretary job ( ie, my duty as far as I know since last election ).
> >
> >> When will the election of the board take place (scheduled for "after the GA")?
> >
> > When I (or someone lse ) will have time to organize them, and I will
> > likely start this week.
> >
> > Since this requires to list every people in the association, I need to
> > recheck statuts for people who didn't not intend the GA ( ie, I think
> > that missing 2 assembly mean that people become honorary participants,
> > ie no vote ), and also need to see how we organize the new members
> > arrival ( since that requires someone to sponsor the member )
> If  "missing 2 assemblies" means not being present at 2 GAs in a row,
> then we will have to think again: we can not close out those who are
> not able to come to Fosdem because of distance (i.e. overseas, asia,
> etc.) or small budget (like me this year). So far there is nobody who
> fits into "missing 2 GAs" yet because we only had 2 GAs in total and
> AFAIR none of the members missed both. Or do I misunderstand something
> here?

Yes. That's technically "missing and not being represented" but the
exact formulation is unclear, since we separate assembly and the voting
( ie, we vote on the internet ). 

So we have to decide exactly, and I have to find the previous year vote
if there is someone to be moved to another group after the vote. 

And the goal is to not keep people who are inactive since this would
make harder to get the quorum later.

> "arrival of new members": I don't understand what you mean here,
> sorry. "new members" of which group/institution?

Of the association ( more precisely, of "Mageia association active
members " as seen on https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Org ). IE, I need to
move people from the council group to another group in ldap, and reflect
accordingly the wiki, after checking. 

Once the association-member group is correct, then we can start to see
for voting. ( this and I need to remember how we do a vote, and maybe
even do a documentation ).

Michael Scherer

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