[Mageia-discuss] Team Membership Query

andre999 andre999mga at laposte.net
Sun Feb 26 08:34:18 CET 2012

Kevin R. Bulgrien a écrit :
> I am a long time Mandrake/Mandriva user (since Mandrake 7.1).  I have a lot of
> experience with Mandriva system administration and use,  I even administer
> Mandriva Enterprise Server systems for my engineering department at work
> (though I am not on IT staff).
> I am starting to realize that Mandriva is no longer what I once valued.  It
> seems like the community I knew as "Mandriva" is now named "Mageia", and the
> demise of the Mandriva distribution as I grew to know it makes me think about
> how to take more part in making sure it survives.

That probably applies to most of us here.  Any contribution you are 
willing to make is very welcome.

> I'm a family, working man with young children. I support free, open source in
> various capacities, but one would probably not call them prolific.  One more
> visible contribution is via the http://sourceforge.net/projects/crossfire/
> team.  I tend to work in spurts, and sometimes real life takes me away from
> these side areas of interest.
> I tended to think that probably official distribution support teams were more
> likely to want people that could consistently pour significant time into
> things, but a #mageia-social / #mageia IRC user said that should not stop me
> from looking into it further.

As I understand it, all teams have contributors who aren't always available.
The intensive contributors are much more noticeable, and essential to 
Mageia, but every contributor is appreciated.

> Are any team members interested in giving feedback about whether they see
> benefit in incorporating light contributors or not?
> After looking over the teams, specifically it seems that the documentation
> team and packaging teams could fit my core skills.  It occurs to me that the
> documentation team might be more amenable to light contribution than a
> packaging team, but I don't know.

That is true.  A lot of little improvements could be made, just a few 
minutes at a time.
> Some challenges are that I am in the USA and it seems that meetings on IRC
> tend to happen at a UTC time when I cannot participate.  I contribute to local
> organizations on a weekly basis, so its not like this would be a primary time
> contribution outside of often extended working hours.

That does affect contributors not close to European time zones, but most 
important contributions probably happen via the mailing lists.  We have 
very intensive contributors in the Americas and eastern Asia.

> I guess once I get a sense for whether it is reasonable to approach teams I
> could go into more detail about what I can do.
> What do you (team leaders/members) think?  Do you appreciate all the help you
> get,

I can't speak for everyone, but I think that most if not all teams would 
say YES.

>   or do you need more of the kind of resource where you can make regular,
> specific sorts of assignments that get done promptly.  Do you expect team
> members to be ready to work anytime, or do teams have things to do that can
> sustain more flexibility?

Regular contribution is more important for teams like the bug squad, for 
example, but even there occasional contributors are appreciated.

So welcome abord and don't hesitate to contribute where you feel useful :)
> kbulgrien on IRC

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