[Mageia-discuss] One Beta more install story

Juergen Harms Juergen.Harms at unige.ch
Sun Feb 26 13:01:15 CET 2012

I have now had the udisks problem also on a system into which I had booted.

The problem might be due to bugzilla #145 (urpmi fails to mount a DVD 
medium). Quite an old one, had been solved during the last weeks of 
Alpha, is now back in Beta. Workaround: manually create the mount point 
(/media/cdrom on my system) BEFORE lauching urpmi.

The coming and going of the bug might have contributed to the confusion 
on whether the udisks problem is still there or not. My (eroneous) 
experience that the problem does not exist when I boot into a Beta 1 OS 
partition can be explained by the fact that, after such a boot, I 
normally fetch packages from the dvd and always had created that mount 
point (and once it is created, it remains). I also managed to make a 
system recover from the udisks problem by creating that mount point.

I still and consistently have the problem when I chroot into a system 
(it might be that mounting dvds / launching udisks is handled there 


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