[Mageia-discuss] Update Mageia 2, Beta 1 Errata for proper radeon-firmware fix

Rémi Verschelde remi at verschelde.fr
Sun Feb 26 13:48:42 CET 2012

2012/2/26 Jeff Robins <jeffrobinssae at gmail.com>:
>>> Proper steps, but not the proper formatting:
>>> 1) Add "radeon.modeset=0" to the kernel command line in GRUB
>>>   (link on how to do that)
>>> 2) Boot system
>> Another possibility would be to boot in failsafe mode.
> I don't think this worked in failsafe mode, at least not in Mageia 1.
> I'll try to check on Mageia 2, Beta 1.  I will have to reinstall.

Hum, I managed to boot in failsafe mode but maybe using a little trick
(such as pressing random keys :p). I'll check when I install Mageia 2
beta 1 with the latest ISO (I tested the pre-release ISOs but not the
last one).
>> Another workaround is to chose "vesa" as a driver during the
>> installation. Then the first boot hangs, and the following boots are
>> okay. It could be a nice possibility for those who want nothing from
>> Nonfree and don't care about high graphic performance.
> Is there a difference in performance/capabilities between this and
> permanently adding "radeon.modeset=0" to the kernel options?

I really don't know. I never tried "radeon.modeset=0". I'm not really
knowledgeable regarding kernel and drivers stuff.
> I'll add this to the Errata, but it really only works if you read the
> Errata before installing.

That is true, so it is not the best workaround. I just gave it for
information but the one you described seems to be a better fit for the

> Is it reasonable to assume that a user who is willing to go out of
> his/her way to use nothing from Nonfree can be told simply to use the
> VESA driver?  I don't want to leave too many complicated instructions
> and it would be nice to simply list this as an option.

I really don't know. I guess that people who want nothing from Nonfree
can simply keep the "radeon.modeset=0" option and use their system
like this.

Rémi / Akien

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