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Sebastian sebsebseb sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com
Mon Feb 27 22:54:14 CET 2012

On 27/02/12 18:29, Wolfgang Bornath wrote:
> 2012/2/27 Donald Stewart<watersnowrock at gmail.com>:
>> Some suggestions:
>> Maybe an hour is too long - I think that I would get bored after 20 or
>> so minutes.
>> Theme tune wise, I know a few music people, but what sort of thing is wanted?
>> As for different languages, that would be great, again having shorter
>> episodes would help with that.
> I agree to the shorter episodes. Now you have to see what (and how
> much) material you have. If you have several different topics you
> could do 1 podcast per month, featuring 3 topics each. More time for
> one topic may make the listener yawn - until recently the attention
> time span for school kids was around 40-50 minutes, recent studies
> have shown that their attention on one topic burns out after 20
> minutes (that's why we need advertizing on tv!).
> Suggestions:
> Start with a list of possible episodes including notes, like
>   - interview with a packager about updates
>     (as non-technical as possible, using the opportunity to tell people
> out there about contributing by testing)
>   - an application you like best? Describe what you do with it an
> reveal all it's secrets to the listeners
>   - - - you could do that as a series ("Ma favourite application"),
> using 10 Minutes in each podcast
>   - find exhibitions with Mageia's participation and try to get one of
> the participants for a "<event_name>  Special"
>   - talk about the various sites of the Mageia Web world - there are
> more that a forum and a download page. :)
>   --- (some time needed for research)
> Make a list of people you would listen to in such a podcast, then hunt
> them down and tie them to a soundrecorder... ask listeners who they
> would like to hear, ask for feedback, etc.
> Build a structure which you will follow in each podcast:
>   - Intro (what will we hear today),
>   - News about Mageia, the organisation, the community
>   - Feedback about last podcast
>   - Timeout (aka music)
>   -  continue with what the intro promised :)
> Where you would host the podcasts can stay open until the end of your
> initial planning. You may think about
>   - a website with topics in the queue, reports about the project,
> links to the download / archive
>   - promoting the podcasts (intro of episodes) on facebook&  twitter
> After you think you may have enough stuff for the first 3 start
> looking for the people you need for these 3 and then start producing.
> Start on #4-6 early so you are always ready to send something else if
> your host had a bus-error one hour before a live interview.
> Of course these are just suggestions, coming from the knowledge how
> other people are doing it, ideas how I would go about it, etc. One
> thing all have in common: most important is contents (good&  enough),
> everything else is the more easy part.
Thanks for your email wobo/Wolfgang.

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