[Mageia-discuss] Success with Kontact/4.8.2

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Sat Apr 21 19:16:03 CEST 2012

Determined to have a clean install on my netbook in time for my 
holiday, I installed Mageia beta3.  This was quickly updated to KDE 
4.8.2, including kdepim.  Almost everything is working perfectly - almost, 
in that I can't connect to my Google contacts, but that's not the end of 
the world.

KMail is accessing both Googlemail and my own IMAP server, set up as a 
Roaming profile for while I'm away.  No long waits, nothing going missing 
and all apparently working perfectly.

Calendar - I'm using my Google calendar - useful as it is on my phone 
too.  The new connection facility is unbelievably slick.  Thanks for that! 
:-)  The only downside is that the calendar is rather slow to load.  I had 
just decided it must be broken when things started to appear.

Contacts - I copied all the vcards from my main laptop onto the 
netbook.  I seem to have lost the few cards that were in the top-level 
Personal Contacts, but the folders below it are all there.  The old 
std.vcf also works fine.

Akregator appears to have picked up all my old feeds - copied in from 
the older Fedora 14 install.  I haven't had time to work with it, but it 
looks fine, and notifications tell me that new feed entries are arriving.

All in all, this is a huge relief, as my main laptop went down this morning  
and looks totally dead :-(  Still, at least this netbook, Mageia, and the 
new Kontact are going to get me through.

Thanks to all, both at Mageia and in the Kontact team


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