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>    1. dbus notification after kde startup (Juergen Harms)
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> Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2012 08:05:39 +0200
> From: Juergen Harms <Juergen.Harms at unige.ch>
> To: Mageia general discussion <mageia-discuss at mageia.org>
> Subject: [Mageia-discuss] dbus notification after kde startup
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> I am getting a notification popup several tens of seconds after each
> kde startup.
> The Notification says:
> Error: Service disabled
> Error while initializing DBus
> Disabling the service
> Sounds frightening, but does not appear to have any negative effects.
> I think to remember having seen a discussion on this subject and
> filed it away as being dealt with - that is evidently not so. Am I
> the only one to see this issue?
> It is certainly not a blocker bug, but - unless it is something
> specific to my installation - more than just a small beauty spot on
> the face of Mageia 2.
> Some more details (in case I need to file a bug):
> - 100% reproducible (but delay after kde startup varies between 15 and
>    50 seconds)
> - the only trace in thelogs I can find is (probably) a line in
>    .xsession-errors that says
> QGraphicsLinearLayout::removeAt: invalid index 1
>    (the message does not have any evident relation to the DBus
>    notification, but it is not in .xsession-errors until the
> notification happens.
> ------------------------------
This reply from Arch-Linux (with Gnome) may help.  I don't think we
have an .xinitrc, but the idea of two users is new to me.  I get beside
the Akonadi icon on a right-click, that it is disabled, but nothing
more. I am used to running Totem under KDE, and being told that the
Gnome dbus service can't be found.  Totem starts up all the same.

In my case, the KDE theme sounds about 30 seconds later, but there are
no messages.

Found an old post with the solution!! big_smile
basically dbus runs a system bus and a user bus. rc.conf starts the
system bus but I needed to add "launch-dbus" to the exec line
of .xinitrc Now gnome-do and docky both work!
--End quote---

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