[Mageia-discuss] Mailing list migration: this list is closing

Johnny A. Solbu cooker at solbu.net
Mon Apr 8 00:38:47 CEST 2013

On Sunday 7. April 2013 23.48, Mageia Sysadmins wrote:
> The new mailing list requires a Mageia Identity account

That will push away some users from subscribing, and some existing users might leave the list, because they have no intention of creating a mageia account, for whatever reason.

>  - if you don't have an identity account yet, or with a different email
>    address, you need to manually subscribe to the new mailing list

What if we really do want to subscribe with an address not listed anywhere in the mageia account? Meaning, we intentionally do not want to use the email address listed in out account page?
I am one of them.

I have personally 100 -One Houndred- email aliases. Almost every time I need to register somewhere, I create a new alias. if the entity where I registered starts to misuse my address, I can easilly stop it by removing the alias.
It's also an easy way to sort incomming mail.
Many people do this.

Johnny A. Solbu
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