[Mageia-discuss] classic DVD b4 x86_64 xfce

Tony Blackwell tablackwell at bigpond.com
Sun Apr 7 23:14:41 CEST 2013

This is probably inherent in xfce.  When I open the File Manager, I'm 
not able to highlight a group of files to move elsewhere using the 
click, shift-click routine.

xfce also doesn't seem to follow the alt-C alt-V convention for cut and 
paste, so on a file-by-file basis I have to right-click, copy, go to 
destination, right-click paste.  Have I just failed the xfce drivers 
test?  Am I missing something basic? (I understand if they don't want to 
follow keyboard conventions established by another OS, but are there no 
keyboard shortcuts?)
Tony Blackwell
(another gnome refugee)

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