[Mageia-i18n] bits to translate from http://mageia.org/en/

Sebastian Schröer sebixmag at web.de
Tue Nov 30 00:09:21 CET 2010

Hi Romain!

Thanks; you are really fast, esp. adding all of the correct web links to the respective web sites. :-)

Just a few minor issues, if you´ve got the time and if it is possible at all for you to correct them, for this might depend on the software used to run the web system:


Maybe you´d still like to add :

English: Happening right now

German: Gerade in Bearbeitung


German: Woran wir gerade arbeiten


Imho, it would be more idiomatic for German readers to write the dates in the following style:

26. 11. 2010

[or, if there´s enough space]

26. November 2010


26. Nov 2010

(DD. MM. YY).


A good way of writing the date in a German manner in the localized German original announcement (below the text we´ve edited today):

Paris, den 18. September 2010


Thank you; all of these issues are minor ones.

Kind regards,

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