[Mageia-i18n] Tools for translation

Lombard Marianne marianne at tuxette.fr
Tue Sep 28 14:57:46 CEST 2010


To choose the right tool to translate magiea and mageia sites, I propose
you to list the differents tools you use with the advantage and
disadvantage of them.

For website, blog entry :
I personnaly use OmegaT (http://www.omegat.org/) to translate. It can be
used with text files and odt, have a dictionnary included and generate
an output file in the same format than the entry files.

For string in the distribution :

Can you complete this ? (or perhaps must we start a wiki page somewhere,
in order to follow easily the modification)

Marianne (Jehane) Lombard
Mandriva User - Mageia french translation team
Inside every fat girl, there is a thin girl waiting to get out (and a
lot of chocolate) - Terry Pratchett

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