[Mageia-i18n] The Chaudon will soon boil again

Anne Nicolas ennael at mageia.org
Fri May 25 08:24:21 CEST 2012

Hi there,

We plan to reopen cauldron this Sunday. Here are some details coming 
from boklm (sysadmin team) to handle this.

If you installed Mageia Beta or RC releases for testing, and want to 
stay with Mageia 2 stable release, it is time to check that you have 
Mageia 2 and not Cauldron medias configured in urpmi before new packages 
arrive in Cauldron.

You can see if you are using cauldron medias using mcc or with the 
following command :
  $ urpmq --dump | grep cauldron

If you have cauldron medias, you can remove all medias using mcc or 
following command:
  # urpmi.removemedia -a
And add Mageia 2 medias :
  # urpmi.addmedia --distrib --mirrorlist
or if you want to specify a server :
  # urpmi.addmedia --distrib ftp://some_mirror/mageia/distrib/2/x86_64/

For packagers :
Packages svn will be branched on Sunday. Until it is branched, you
should avoid new commits on packages.

You can continue commiting in soft repository. Don't forget to create
a Mageia 2 branch for software that may need to have updates in Mageia 2.



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