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Great news about Calenco:

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Subject: [doc-discuss] Calenco Translation syncronisation
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 01:22:57 +1300
From: John <john at neodoc.biz>
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There has been an enhancement to Calenco to allow our translators to be
advised about changes in the EN files.

A script will be run at 4.00 am French time daily and will require that
translators insert two directives and add some additional lines to the
<info> section near the head of the file. (See below)

In simple terms the script checks that the version declared in the
translation (translation-original-revision below) matches the latest
original translation revision. If not, the diff is sent to the registered
translator (see below).

Writer and translators need to be aware that the script ignores comments
in the XML files. This means that if you have inserted a comment into
an EN
file which is intended to assist translators then it will not be picked up
by the script. If you do this, that comment needs to placed so that the
translator does get to see at the head of the file and you should advise
translators independently via the doc-discuss mailing list in the

These are directives to be inserted into each _translated_ file. The
revision number needs to be adjusted to that of the latest revision.
These directives need to be inserted _before_ any comments at the head.

  <?translation-original-language en?>
  <?translation-original-revision 1.0?>

The <info> section addition is as follows:

    <othercredit class="translator">
      <personname>Your Name</personname>
      <email>Your Email Address</email>

In most cases the <info> section should look like the following example,
if you have difficulty with this ask me for help either on the maillist or
on IRC.

Example <info> section from acceptLicense.xml

    <title xml:id="acceptLicense-ti1">Licence et Notes de version</title>
    <othercredit class="translator">
      <personname>Camille Bégnis</personname>
      <email>camille at neodoc.fr</email>

Last and not least, it's very important that translators insert the both
directives, the <info> section additions with names and email addresses as
soon as possible, otherwise the benefit may be lost to us.



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