[Mageia-i18n] Translating the name of the distribution Mageja

Michael Moroni michael.moroni at mailoo.org
Tue Nov 13 19:11:52 CET 2012

I have a little question to ask the community:
In Esperanto it is possible to "translate" the English name: Sometimes 
Facebook is translated into "Vizaĵlibro" (lit. "Facebook"), "Twitter" 
into "Tvitero".
Sometimes "Firefox" was translated into "Fajrovulpo" or "Fajrfokso" 
before someone from Mozilla told me that it violates some terms (the 
product names must not be changed).
So, the question is: It is possible to translate "Mageia" into "Magejo"? 
In this case it is possible to use accusative form ("Download Mageia" 
will be "Elŝuti Magejo*n*")
Thank you
- MM

Michael Moroni

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