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Je 14.11.2012 14:24, Romain d'Alverny skribis: 

> 2012/11/14 Pablo
Foche <pablo.foche at gmail.com>:
>> In esperanto all sustantives end
with o, all adjectives with a, all adverbs with e and the direct object
ends with n. The word Mageia ends with a, like an adjective. If you want
to say "I use mageia" the word mageia should end with -on (substantive
and direct object). If you use the original word it seems an adjective
and it does not end with the N of the direct object.
> So you do so
as well with the name of people or places? (just curious)

Yes, even if
it is not simple and automatic.
Here some examples:
"Venezia" (Italian
for "Venice") is translated into "Venico"
"Georg Wilhelm Friedrich
Hegel" is translated into "Georgo Vilhelmo Frederiko Hegelo"
(my city) is not translated (yet)
"Barack Obama" is not translated (yet)

Dai diamanti non nasce niente dal letame nascono i fior
diamantoj nenio naskiĝas, el sterko naskiĝas floroj.
-- Fabrizio de
André, ''Via del campo''
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