[Mageia-marketing] It's time to think about Mageia 2

Marcello Anni marcello.anni at alice.it
Mon Jun 13 15:24:32 CEST 2011

> Hi,

> > 1) implementation (and improvement) of mageia ideas webiste or the use
> > http://ideascale.com/ (depending on manpower and features of the different
> > platform)
> First is, what do you want to do with it, and how? and how could this
> be done (or not) with what we already have? (is it a one-time ideas
> site, for the current brainstorm session, or is it a all-times-long
> website?) I agree that an app like this is a great toold. But I also
> know from experience that having no clear plan of what is its role and
> who manages it is a sure recipe for ... misconceptions.

i would like to set it as the main place where to discuss new ideas and 
proposals to implement in the next releases... i think it should be:
- all-times-long website
- full feature (negative votes, many maintainers and many release-targets)
- basis point to create new development specs
- responsabilities (ideas assigned and so on)
> > 5) rethinking of artwork (i don't like it at all,
> Liking is not an argument. The question with artwork is first: what
> purpose/message does it serve? Does it fit or not, and why? Then, do
> we have the full chain of resources to implement it (creation,
> integration, updates)?

i explained in various places why i don't like it, i resume my reasons:
- not original
- too dark
- artwork pieces are too similar each other

> > this should be also a work of the marketing team)
> If we set up an artwork/designers team, there's a good reason for it.
> Collaboration is the keyword.

ok, but i've written my reasons in artwork ML but no one listened me... 
> > and the role of marketing team beside dev team. (we can
> > force dev team to implement new features?
> You can't - this is a volunteer project. Although you can design,
> explain, advocate features and find/gather/help devs to implement
> them.

so what are the goals of the brainstorming session if no one is forced to work 
on them? can we have at least a sort of promise of developers who want to 
listen to the marketing key points we chose to improve the distro? otherwise 
this project will not ever raise in linux market but it will remain only a 
ANOTHER-ONE fork with no direction... if we chose as a target "newbies" and we 
think they do need a short guide shortly after the installation, but no one 
will implement (as it was for mandriva), what is our role other than giving 
proposals to others and preparing release notes? this is not a marketing team, 
you're wrong. this is a "comunication team", that is completely different    
> > which role do we have?)
> As for giving strong directions, this is to the Council/Board to decide.
> On this part (deciding on the project's directions and implementations
> in other teams), the marketing team role is, at most, to provide
> elements, test/proof them - and if you get a go from the Council,
> advocate them, spread and help others spread them (in- and outside of
> the project).

this is what we already did in mandriva, without no results... my ideas are on 
dev specs since years but they've never been implemented. so, why have i to 
lost my time proposing stuff that no one will listen to it? it' clear that 
developers have completely different attitude towards new features, we can 
trust only in them, but there should be a respective trust among marketing-
team /dev-team unless the project future can be summarize in a word: 
> Cheers!
> Romain


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