[Mageia-marketing] Install party planned ?

Benoît Audouard baud123 at tuxfamily.org
Thu Jun 7 23:39:39 CEST 2012

Le jeudi 07 juin 2012 à 22:22 +0100, Sebastian a écrit :
> On 07/06/12 22:05, Benoît Audouard wrote:
> > Le jeudi 07 juin 2012 à 22:12 +0200, Benoît Audouard a écrit :
> >>
> >> Is Marcom the right place to discuss install parties ?
> >>
> >>
> >> We've been proposed a place in Paris, France to do an install' party, it
> >> would be available by september or october (what we call a médiathèque
> >> in France).
> >>
> >> I can give the contact to whom may want to organize it (I'm not sure his
> >> e-mail should be public).
> >> I've already forwarded the e-mail to people I know personnally in Paris
> >> that may be interested to attend, anyone would be welcome if we can
> >> organize it :-) (and if you want to come to Vincennes for it).
> >>
> >> Any other install' party in the run? We can discuss this subject at
> >> Solutions Linux :-)

> I guess to some extent Marcom mailing list is a good place to talk about 
> an install party, however your probably much better off chatting about 
> it to major French Mageia contributors for example, and other French 
> users or contributors.  I mean those of us that aren't in France can't 
> really help that much with an install party that is going to take place 
> in France I guess.

my rethoric question was about any other place where it may happen :)

> On the subject of install fests, there's an idea to possibly have one 
> for my LUG here in England, in September or October, distrowise though 
> it may be Mint as well for example, not just Mageia.  Maybe some Ubuntu 
> even, none of this has been decided yet, it's just an idea at the moment.

just let us know when it happens :)

> The guy who suggested having an install fest suggested Mint, even though 
> he uses Fedora, and so I was like Mageia is rather user friendly as well.
> In fact some people would only want one distro really for a install 
> fest, but can probably get Mageia installed if there is going to be one 
> so :d, even if another distro or two is being installed as well.

in fact, I do attend events where fedora, debian and ubuntu community
cooperate to help people *use* their computer, let's call it SAV
(service-après-vente, service after saling ?) of install' parties. It
happens once a month, first saturday in Paris (and many people come;
some with ubuntu, some with mandriva, few with gentoo, we are there with
mageia :p)

> Sebastian
> P.S
> The plan is for Marcom, artwork, and webteam, to merge into one team 
> quite soon, because of the lack of active people.

too early :)
marketing may have stopped people from contributing, maybe open another
list with "participate" ? (or contribute or engage or join or
installl_party or proselytism or just install, maybe it could be a
positive action of marketing to coordinate what is possible and involve
people ?)

Ben' aka baud123

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