[Mageia-marketing] Install party planned ?

Benoît Audouard baud123 at tuxfamily.org
Thu Jun 7 22:12:25 CEST 2012


Is Marcom the right place to discuss install parties ?

We've been proposed a place in Paris, France to do an install' party, it
would be available by september or october (what we call a médiathèque
in France).

I can give the contact to whom may want to organize it (I'm not sure his
e-mail should be public).
I've already forwarded the e-mail to people I know personnally in Paris
that may be interested to attend, anyone would be welcome if we can
organize it :-) (and if you want to come to Vincennes for it).

Any other install' party in the run? We can discuss this subject at
Solutions Linux :-)

Ben'. aka baud123

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