[Mageia-marketing] marcom + artwork + web => atelier ?

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Did this initiative die, or what?

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> We should probably leave this discussion for now and focus on founding
>  the new group.
> I agree.
> The way I see it we should have one group (never mind the name) with three
> virtual task forces.
> The task forces will not be real, just a sort of legacy issue for people
> from the old teams to have some initial direction in the new team. Ideally,
> everybody will contribute where he or she can.
> These three virtual task forces should, however, have a real coordinator.
> One person who is in charge of looking out for a specific field. Aside from
> that there should be a team leader, who should be one of the task force
> leaders.
> This way we have a sort of hierarchical structure: Someone willing to work
> on web design or a marketing poster or whatnot turns to the appropriate
> task coordinator. He or she then discusses with the other two what needs to
> be done for this by which task force, then one of these three (it doesn't
> really matter who) propagates that information back down to everybody else.
> It will work the same way in reverse. The three coordinators come up with
> the final list of things that need to be done for Mga3 (with considerable
> input and discussion from everybody, of course) and then coordinate the
> tasks.
> I think that this allows for maximum communication and we don't end up
> with the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.
> Furthermore, this allows for individual people to come up with their own
> ideas, plans, projects and whatnot and then act upon them as part of the
> group. Even if in the end they are working alone, the whole group is aware
> of what is going on.
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