[Mageia-marketing] marcom + artwork + web => atelier ?

Marcello marcello.anni at alice.it
Mon Jun 18 19:24:52 CEST 2012

Il 18/06/2012 17:34, Romain d'Alverny ha scritto:
> On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 4:29 PM, Marcello<marcello.anni at alice.it>  wrote:
>> ok, i will start a thread there asking to devs if there is someone who wants
>> to follow marketing team plans...
> It doesn't work like that (and you've been told this several times in
> the past years). You won't find people that will follow on principle.
> You will need to convince/demonstrate that your plan is worth it, and
> start it on your own first. And you will see as many people join as
> they see their own interest in contributing.

the plan has to been promoted by mageia.org to have the proability to 
have a minimum of success. and to complete the plan it is necessary to 
have the partecipation of many people, because i don't have many skills 
needed to complete it.
>> here is there anyone who is able to contribute regarding this?
> Don't wait. Start, propose, do. And see if it gains momentum.

the problem is that i can only propose because i study economics, not 
information technology. if you read my commments 
(https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40) is what i'm doing since 
mageia born, but i don't think i'm quite useful except for filling some bugs

>>>> different versions, but instead of porting it, we're at mageia 3 specs...
>>>> useless
>>> Unless you can't embrace the whole thing, you can't even start
>>> thinking about a marketing plan.
>> ehm... what do you mean with this prashe?
> It means that, in addition to a vision, if you don't have an
> understanding of the small pieces and of the people that make this
> project and of the reasons they do it, designing a marketing plan for
> the project is a waste of time. For the same reason as above.
> If you want to contribute, start with something small here (your own
> idea, or one need already expressed), define it, advocate it and build
> it. And repeat.

as above, it's what i'm doing since a lot of time (do you remember the 
critics i made in the MUGS of mandriva? after a few years they 
understood they're wrong and they are  re-implementing something like 
this). the marketing plan is not a waste of time, but it has to be 
shared among all the mageia community, unless it looses the elements 
that makes it a key tool for all the major companies in the world: 
coherence, long-time view, short-time approach, priorities and coherent 


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