[Mageia-sysadm] Problem with sympa when changing email

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Thu Jul 7 01:33:32 CEST 2011


as noted some months ago, people changing email on ldap will have issues
on sympa. Since sympa use the mail as a key to identify the user instead
of the login, things go wrong when the mail is changed on ldap side.

Damien -rediscovered the issue by changing his email in ldap to use the
@mageia.org aliases :) 
( he is doing qa on the mail, finding all possible bugs, and I can only
imagine the next one ).

To avoid this, there is several proposal :

- let people post mail using their @mageia.org alias if they are
subscribed, using a custom scenari. That's doable, IMHO, but will only
help for some specific changes, people deciding to use their aliases
( which would be the more frequent type of change, IMHO ). In fact, that
would even help so people do not have to change it in ldap. 

This would have prevented the issue here.

- let people use their aliases to log. Again, that's doable, and would
solve the other part of the issue.

- push and sync from ldap, when there is a change. This would solve the
issue in all case, but this is much more complex to do.

Anyway, shall the issue arise again, here is how I solved it :

ssh root at alamut
# psql -U postgres

> \c sympa

> DELETE FROM user_table WHERE email_user = 'new_email at example.org' ;
> UPDATE user_table SET email_user = 'new_email at example.org' WHERE
email_user = 'old_email at example.net';
> UPDATE subscriber_table SET user_subscriber = 'new_email at example.org'
WHERE user_subscriber = 'old_email at example.net';

As a side note, I suspect bugzilla to have the same type of issue, but
this need to be checked.

Michael Scherer

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