[Mageia-sysadm] perl modules shipped by mageia - db hosted on mageia servers?

Jerome Quelin jquelin at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 14:50:42 CEST 2011


i've updated module::packaged::generator to support mageia (among a lot
of other improvements). it creates a sqlite database with all perl
modules available in mageia, with their version and the rpm package
holding the module. the package to install is (only available on
cauldron) perl-Module-Packaged-Generator-1.111.890-1.mga2

i'd like this database to be available somewhere on mageia servers.
would it be possible to have one of the servers run the following
command on a regular basis (eg, every day, or every 2-3 days, or at
worst every week):

    pkgcpan -q

there won't be any output (-q flag) unless it bails out. it requires an
internet connection. it doesn't take too long (19 seconds here with cpan
index update), nor too much cpu. it doesn't require special rights - it
only needs a writable home for storing some intermediate data. it will
create a file cpan_Mageia.db in the current directory. to change the
path to the db being created, use the -f flag:

    pkgcpan -q -f /path/to/cpan_Mageia.db

if the servers aren't yet using mageia, the command will either fail or
create a db for another distribution (since it would pick a wrong
driver). it's possible to over-ride the platform auto-detection with the
-d flag:

    pkgcpan -q -f /path/to/cpan_Mageia.db -d Mageia

once this is scheduled, please let me know the refresh rate and the url
where resulting file can be downloaded. the url doesn't need to be sexy
or short or whatever - it will be hidden in a perl module responsible
for automatic mirroring.


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