[Mageia-sysadm] possibility to add a package in basesystem-minimal? (long)

nicolas vigier boklm at mars-attacks.org
Wed Nov 9 18:50:34 CET 2011

On Wed, 09 Nov 2011, Jerome Quelin wrote:

> to fix this problem, i can see the following solutions:
> ** 1. patch our perl to provide a more recent EUMM
> this is a no-go from my side. even the perl5 porters aren't updating the
> bundled modules anymore [8], and i don't want to go down that road. so i
> veto this solution with my perl-the-package maintainer hat.
> ** 2. update the buildrequires of all perl modules to require a more
>       recent EUMM
> this is a solution that's quite easy to do on my side: i just need to
> update magpie to buildrequire a more recent EUMM if it's using a
> makefile.PL and that no specific EUMM version is wanted. future perls
> (5.16 and onward) will likely ship an updated EUMM, and therefore i'll
> be able to remove this specific requirement in the spec files.  but i'm
> wondering if that's not too much, given that it'll need ~1500 [9]
> modules to be updated. and yes, the goal is to have a standard solution
> for all modules, not only the problematic ones.

If it's planned to have in the futur other dependencies like this or rpm
macros to build perl packages, you can also create a new package
perl-rpmbuild with a require on EUMM (and other required packages to
build perl packages, if needed), with perl-rpmbuild added as buildrequire
on all perl packages.

> ** 3. do nothing, and just deal with the problems manually
> this is the solution i adopted till now. but i bump in more and more of
> those exceptions, and this is a burden for me. mageia ships more than
> 2500 perl modules, and usually i don't have to really dwelve in the
> details of their updates. but each exception is taking some time from my
> side to deal with, and i fear that the number of problems will just
> continue to rise. so i'm wanting to quit using this "solution", and find
> a real one. almost as important, it means that finding a real solution
> means we are following cpan evolution step by step, and i think it's a
> Good Thing (tm).
> ** 4. update basesystem-minimal to ship perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker
> this way, no need to add a buildrequires for the modules. they all get
> the new build tool, and therefore will generate the MYMETA files. 

Maybe adding this require to rpm-build instead of basesystem-minimal
would be enough.

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