[Mageia-sysadm] ldp account deletion

Maât maat-ml at mageia.biz
Fri Nov 2 11:36:44 CET 2012

Hi sysadmins,

We received a demand (on the forum) to delete ldp's account :


He confirmed in private message that he wants his accunt removed from
mageia systems.

I don't know precisely the process to follow so i perhaps made a mistake
in my answer.



Here under his message and my answer:


Sent: 02 Nov 2012 11:25
From: maat
To: ldp

ldp wrote:
> Please can you delete my forum account and any information relating to 
> me or that account fromm mageia systems. Thank You.


Ok. Sad to loose a member of the community. Just being curious : am i
allowed to ask what reasons made you deccide to leave ?

Hope you'll find something that suits you better :)

Now for process aspects :

Just be aware that the contributions you made public will remain where
they are (comments on the bugtracker, posts on the forums, changes on
the wiki for example). Your accounts on identity, bugzilla, forum, wiki
will be deleted with the personal data they contain according to french
law and sysadmin policy (names, emails...).
Your private messages on the forum will be also deleted with your
acccount (but people who sent/received them will still have a copy of
their own).

If some of your public contribution need to be cleaned or anonymized
(for example a post on the forum giving your real name or email) please
give us the precise list of the messages to clean ("all my messages" is
not a valid answer ^^).

For that i will wait a few days before deleting your account so that you
have enough time to answer.

I'm forwarding your demand and my answer to the sysadmin mailing list...
you'll be able to monitor the progress and the sysadmins answers there :

https://www.mageia.org/pipermail/mageia-sysadm/ (november)

Best regards,



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