[Mageia-webteam] [Bug 742] User details form is difficult to understand if you don't know LDAP attributes

Buchan Milne bugzilla-daemon at mageia.org
Mon Apr 18 08:18:49 CEST 2011


Buchan Milne <bgmilne at mageia.org> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|New user form is difficult  |User details form is
                   |to understand if you don't  |difficult to understand if
                   |know LDAP keywords          |you don't know LDAP
                   |                            |attributes
                 CC|                            |bgmilne at mageia.org

--- Comment #1 from Buchan Milne <bgmilne at mageia.org> 2011-04-18 08:18:47 UTC ---
I assume you actually mean the form where a user can edit their details after
they have completed registration (https://identity.mageia.org/user), not the
registration form itself (https://identity.mageia.org/register).

I have tried to make this interface relatively generic (as I have a few
non-Mageia use cases for this software). For example, we just use a list of
attributes to display (which is configurable in the config file).

I would prefer not to go and write a more "static" list with different names.

The first option I considered was to use the attribute description as a
mouseover, but then you have descriptions like this:

attributetype ( NAME ( 'givenName' 'gn' )
        DESC 'RFC2256: first name(s) for which the entity is known by'
        SUP name )

The other option would be to (ab)use the i18n support, make all the attribute
names localised, and provide "translations" for the attribute names.

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