[Mageia-webteam] [Bug 899] Synchronize bugzilla groups with ldap groups

Frédéric Buclin bugzilla-daemon at mageia.org
Wed Apr 20 01:16:37 CEST 2011


--- Comment #8 from Frédéric Buclin <LpSolit at netscape.net> 2011-04-20 01:16:38 UTC ---
/me wonders why I only get half of the comments by email for this bug.

As contrib/syncLDAP.pl already exists, all you would need to do is to reuse it
to suit your needs. I just looked at the script, and I see that it doesn't use
existing methods to edit user membership, which is bad (but this is not
surprising as this script hasn't be touched for the last 3 years). But you
could easily fix that, as you suggested with your pseudo-code in comment 5.

In comment 6, if you mean to take upstream a patch for syncLDAP.pl which would
update user membership in Bugzilla based on LDAP groups, then yes, that's
certainly something we would take.

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