[Mageia-webteam] [Bug 813] The timestamp in Bugzilla comments is wrong

Frédéric Buclin bugzilla-daemon at mageia.org
Wed Apr 20 14:38:45 CEST 2011


--- Comment #12 from Frédéric Buclin <LpSolit at netscape.net> 2011-04-20 16:38:44 CEST ---
Per my discussion with misc on IRC, it appears that:

perl -MDateTime::TimeZone -we 'print DateTime::TimeZone->new(name => "local");'

executed from the command line returns DateTime::TimeZone::Europe::Paris, but
the timezone user pref set to "Same as server" returns UTC, which doesn't make
sense as they both call the same code. The only difference is that the first
command is executed from the shell, as root, and the 2nd one is executed by the
web server (Apache?). Unless it's possible for the web server to have the wrong
timezone set, I have no idea what's wrong. So I give up! :)

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